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Peru Spanish - Learn Spanish in DC, Maryland, Virginia, New York - Learn Spanish in DC, Maryland, Virginia, New York
Our Courses
We offer top quality Spanish language courses from beginner to advanced levels. If you are a professional or executive this may be your best choice. We offer also business Spanish, real estate, medical, law, etc., whatever your specialization is.
Group and Private Instruction
Group Spanish Classes: The Peru Spanish program limits group classes to eight students, allowing instructors to closely guide the individual learning   process and maximize learning.

Private Spanish Classes: Students preferring a one-on-one learning environment can take advantage of our private language instruction.
Corporate and Organizational Instruction
Corporations and other organizations can take advantage of our courses. We organize Spanish courses that are specifically designed for companies and institutions to meet their objectives and needs.

Levels: Each of the Spanish intensive courses below have their unique properties.

Initial Level: You will acquire basic Spanish conversation skills, read and write simple daily texts, and be able to express simple opinions, needs and feelings in Spanish.

Intermediate Level: You will improve communication skills with an enriched vocabulary and more complex sentences. You will start to read Spanish literary texts and express and write more abstract concepts.
Advanced Level -You will acquire fluency to express yourself in Spanish on a wide variety of subjects you will also learn to use and perceive the underlying nuances in written and oral expressions.

Superior Level: You will apply acquired skills creatively, be well versed, write essays in Spanish, read classic and contemporary literature on a variety of topics and discuss them as deeply as you wish.


Instructor Luis Castro and Spanish group course.
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