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Many of our clients have asked to be listed as student references. We encourage you to contact them. They have interesting and varied backgrounds, and can give you an insight into their experiences at our institute. Let us know if you would like to communicate with them. Here are comments from previous students.

I was a student of Mr. Castro for the first 6 months of 2011. During that time he took me from a beginner level to a point that I feel confident in my ability. I have studied 2 other languages, and am in some position to judge his methods compared to others I have experienced. The best way I can summarize this is to relate that before I began my study I asked the school to rotate teachers, and after I started with Mr. Castro, I resisted my own request. Mr. Castro has several qualities important to successful language teaching: first and foremost is patience; wherever the student is, he will meet at that point and proceed, always correcting, but never inhibiting expression. Next is being focused on the student rather than himself; the class is mostly spent with the student speaking, rather than listening, as is too often the case. Following this is flexibility; he interweaves grammar with conversation from the outset, to encour1age the students to begin to express themselves from the outset. Finally, innovation; he uses the internet in very unique ways which combine challenging learning with diversion. My job requires high-level economic literacy, and as soon as he understood where I was going, Mr. Castro tailored part of our program to my individual needs. The other part of the program was his original text/method 'Peru Spanish'. This is a progressive series of lessons that present grammar and vocabulary concepts through a unified format that starts with a fictional narrative or informative essay, and then adds supplementary exercises. Again, the emphasis is on quickly getting to the important takeoff point of self-expression,. I found it a useful format for breaking the language into digestible chunks. On a personal note, I deeply admire Mr. Castro as a person, and see how his optimism leads him to always encourage the student; I always knew that our interests were the same and that my success was his success. I conclude where I began: Luis Castro is a unique instructor who has integrated his own style into his textbooks in a way I found very effective.

Dan Berman
Agricultural Attaché
American Embassy, Mexico

2I am pleased to say that Luis Castro was a very effective Spanish teacher. His teaching styles and method were most enjoyable. His flexibility in working small schedule change was most appreciated. His energy and enthusiasm toward teaching Spanish benefited me greatly.
Thomas N. Johnson, Colonel, USA

x2I have had several one-on-one Spanish teachers in my career and Luis is the most energetic and motivated teacher I have ever had.  He came to class energized and prepared every day and I attribute my high score on the proficiency exam to his hard work.

Rachel Bickford
Agricultural Attaché
American Embassy, Santiago, Chile

Luis is a great teacher. With him I learned a lot. I would happy recommend him to other students. P. Downes, Economist.

Luis is a great teacher who helped me improve my Spanish by leaps and bounds. Matt Phillips, Army USA

If you are planning on taking Spanish classes in the DC area, I would like to recommend that you take classes with Luis Castro. Luis is an experienced, knowledgeable teacher who will work tirelessly to help you meet your goals. First and foremost Luis is professional. Always punctual and well-prepared for each lesson, Luis creates a variety of linguistic activities to keep you engaged and learning the entire class period. Luis is also very personable. He always greets you with a warm smile and is always ready for conversation. He makes having classes fun. In addition, Luis gets to know his students in order to assess their individual needs and interests. and make classes more interesting and relevant. I, myself, have been a teacher for more than ten years and know what a teacher should bring to the table. I am a demanding student. Luis Castro met and exceeded my expectations. I would whole-heartedly recommend him to anyone in need of a Spanish tutor. Sara Allen (English and Spanish instructor)
Luis Castro really helped me move from beginnerÂ’s Spanish to intermediate Spanish. I feel so much more comfortable with the language now. My speaking has improved, as has my understanding of the grammatical rules. I would highly recommend this Spanish class! It was very valuable to me. Arianne Bennett ( Spain group)

Mr. Castro has been my Spanish teacher for almost a year. He is a dedicated, and a good teacher. He knows how to motivate his students. His method of teaching conversational Spanish is super. His students can understand and start to speak Spanish in a short period of time. I highly recommend to Mr. Luis. Quy Philpot

Luis is a very reliable and helpful tutor. He comes to classes prepared with materials, listens to student feeback, and is always willing to answer questions. I would highly recommend Luis Castro. Luis is professional. (Shanoon Southard)

Luis is a very good teacher .I recommend to him. (Joel Greenfield, Argentina group )

Luis Castro is a good teacher. His knowledge of Spanish and more importantly his ability to convey that knowledge to a student is superb. Luis provided information at the rate I was able to absorb and understand. Whenever I experienced any difficulty in understanding a new concept, Luis recognized my problem and immediately adjusted the pace of instruction. I would recommend Luis Castro to anyone needing Spanish instruction. Robert E. Clowers(U.S. Department of Justice)
Luis did an excellent job.
He is very patient and well organized .He always had lesson plans ready. Also, he practiced dialogue at the beginning of class, and related it to current events, which kept the class interesting. Tania Weaver (Social Worker and Court interpreter )
Luis has done an excellent job. He has a great deal of patience and willingness to go over and over a concept or phrase until I understand. I'm very pleased with Luis as an instructor and with the progress that I have made.

- Carol Shepherd, economist Constella Group

Luis is a very good teacher. I highly recommend him.
- Theresa Graham, manager
Keller Williams Realty

Luis has been a phenomenal instructor. I tried to learn Spanish previously, but with Luis, I'm learning much more quickly .

- Bryon Krug
Clark Realty

Luis has been my Spanish teacher. He has proven to be an excellent guide through the language and through the culture of South America. I have appreciated his method.

- Max Goldensohn
Pan American D.F, director

Luis is a very good instructor. He challenges me to improve in the areas in which I struggle most. He was very patient with me.

- Sara Salinas,
United States , embassy

Under Luis' instruction I have been able to make quick progress learning Spanish. After only a few months of intensive course work I am now able to understand discussions held in Spanish and my speaking skills are improving rapidly. Luis' methodology is very well adapted to my needs. Luis comes to my office to teach the Spanish lessons which make this training course very easy to integrate in my professional schedul.

- Olivier Langrand
Senior Vice President
International Government Relations
Center for Conservation and Government
Conservation International

I have immensely enjoyed and profited from Luis's classes .
He is a first-rate Spanish teacher.

- Elizabeth Newhouse

Director Travel Publishing
National Geographic Society

We have recently completed an initial level Spanish language course with Luis Castro. He is an excellent teacher. His preparedness and ability to motivate every student in every class. Luis Castro is a true professional.

- Robert Ripple
, (vice president)
Prince William H. Improvement

My experience learning Spanish has been fun and rapid, thanks to my instructor, Luis Castro.  I began in a group class about 18 months ago and have studied privately with Luis for the past year.  Luis demonstrates a lot of patience and encouragement in his teaching style.  The lesson topics are very interesting and Luis has customized lessons for me so that I can learn the technical language of real estate, something necessary in my profession.  I highly recommend Luis as a very capable and caring instructor.

- Cindy Moses, Broker
Keller Williams Metro Realty

Luis Castro is an excellent teacher. My confidence and Spanish abilities improved rapidly under his instruction. He challenges you to learn in a very encouraging and patient manner. His lessons mix structured teaching with conversation about current events, which keeps the lessons interesting. I highly recommend Luis to anyone interested in improving his or her Spanish John E. Varallo, MD, MPH

I have taken classes from Luis for one year and feel that he has helped me make a lot of improvement with my Spanish skills.
I think that his approach of combining some work in the text book, some work outside the class, informal conversation and audiotapes has been more helpful to me than other method. Luis has been able to go slow when I have difficulties and faster at other times. I think that Luis' approach has helped me to build my vocabulary. The Latinos at work say that my pronunciation has improved by working with Luis. Frank Hopke,Eng. ( Vice-President ,W.B.Hopke Co. Inc .)
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