Spanish classes at your own workplace!

If you are passionate about culture, if you are a professional who wants to learn a new language, expand your knowledge, or grow your business, you know that it’s always important to be ready for new challenges.

To be ready for those challenges we recommend learn another language. Being bilingual brings… great satisfaction and new customers. Our students learn by speaking exclusively in Spanish from the first day, quickly gaining comfort in speaking, understanding, reading and writing the language.

We are a private organization specializing in Spanish language instruction. We offer the highest quality Spanish language instruction, from beginner to advanced . Our program helps you learn to speak, read, and translate this popular language quickly and conveniently.

We are creators of the “Interactive Communication Approach”, ICA. The objective of the ICA is to develop a cognitive process that stimulates the strategic capacities of the student and promotes a significant learning experience.

We should also focus the teaching learning process of the Spanish language under the fundamental theories of communicative teaching. It is also imperative that we contemplate the development of abilities and skills required to arrive at a facility in communicative interaction.

Additionally, we believe that the mother language of the student should be used in just measure, and also we believe in the value of motivation and empathy in the classroom should never be overlooked.