Our Method

The experience acquired in our classroom and the professionalism of our team has made possible that Peru Spanish had it’s own methodology.

Step by step we bring the information that the student require to learn the language. We have developed a highly effective and engaging approach to teaching Spanish that has come from many years of teaching experience.

We believe that the primary objective of language education is to improve the communication skills of our students, to help in the gradual acquisition of the most common communication skills in their lives: speaking, listening, reading, understanding what you read or listening, and writing.

The teaching and learning of Spanish as a second language in the classroom, promotes the linguistic and communication skills through contextualized proposals based on real life events and activities developed with pragmatic intentions. Our proposal is developed considering how the student learned his or her primary language: listening to their parents … and repeating.

The acquisition of a wide communicative competence of Spanish as a second language requires an interactive methodology, with the grammar being subordinated to pragmatic communication.

Our pedagogical approach is based on that language comes from speaking in a dynamic interaction in which the teacher and the student must engage fully in the process of teaching and learning with shared responsibilities. And, within this collaborative and interactive work, students must show a particular interest (50%), while the teacher should emphasize human aspects, especially the cognitive, affective and communicative within a given social and cultural context (50%). A responsible work in the classroom with shared responsibilities.