Is the teaching material included in the course price ?
–Yes, we provides books and notebooks.

Which teaching method do you use?
During all levels we will use our method.

How much does the registration, tuition and materials cost at Peru Spanish?
–A one-time, non-refundable registration fee of US$30.

Do you offer programs for total beginners?
–Yes, we welcome beginners to enroll in our programs. Spanish language learnings in your own workplace, and an opportunity to be involved in intensive Spanish instruction.

How do you determine my level of Spanish?
–Class placement is determined by written and oral evaluations. The oral placement evaluation will be administered on the first day of class. Please note that the placement evaluations are only required if the student has previous knowledge of the Spanish language.

I want to speak Spanish fluently. How long will that take?
–Before we can help you achieve the proficiency level to which you aspire, we first determine your current proficiency level in the language through written and oral evaluations. In the type of immersion environment that we provide, reaching proficiency level is very fast. To give you an idea, it has been our experience that within about two months you will be able to understand and be understood. Your ability in the Spanish language after, approximately, a five-week program will be greatly significant.

How can I pay ?
–You can pay by check.