Kurt M. Marisa

Owner and Managing Director
Human Domain Solutions, LLC

Dr. Castro worked as an Independent Consultant with my company, Human Domain Solutjons, LLC, as a Spanish language instructor, providing support to the Marine Corps-forces at Marine Base Quantico. With very short notice, Dr. Castro developed training curricula for three 5-week Spanish language courses to be taught at the Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced levels.
During his support to Human Domain Solutions, Dr. Castro worked with students of various language skills at Quantico, teaching Marine students in individual and small group settings. The students significantly improved their Spanish skills during their time with him. I particularly appreciated that he adapted the text and lessons to individual student needs, taking the time to choose lesson plans that would fit into their language needs.
Dr. Castro is extremely proficient as a foreign language teacher and the Marine Corps customer language manager had high praise for his work performance.

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